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The strength code

Physical strength – its building blocks Characteristic of null, inferior, average, superior and athletic ability Minimum degree of ability to possess according to age Performances to be performed, exercises to be performed Tables of tests with listed performances 7th edition of 1947, 196 pages Format 18 x 11 More than very rare copies. NEW: €30.00…
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Manly cultivation through physical action

Study of the main qualities of character Typical case of the combat officer 5th edition of 1946, 156 pages Format 17.5 x 11 PRICE: €12.00

Sport versus physical education

Definition of sport and physical education Sport in its true or educational conception and deviated or misguided sport The goals of sport in its conception and their opposition to those of physical education The physical, moral and social dangers of sport The influence of sport on young people Utilitarian working stadiums or pitches and spectacular…
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50th anniversary special issue

Special issue of 1958 of the magazine “l’éducation physique” following the death of Georges Hébert Tribute to the man and his work Radiation of the Natural Method in France and around the world, in different circles (educational, medical, business, institutions, etc.), numerous testimonials, etc. Published by the French Federation of Physical Education 291 pages, 16…
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History of the Natural Method

History of the Natural Method Presentation of initial results, report and minutes Press article Responses to reviews 12th edition of 1947 276 pages + 16 plates of black and white photographs; (some pages can still be bound together and will have to be separated with a letter opener or scissors. Format 25×16 cm NEW: €18.00…
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Muscle and female plastic beauty

Study of the proportions and forms constituting beauty in women. Numerous photographs allowing the comparison between the masterpieces of ancient statuary and the results obtained in women by the practice of the Natural Method 472 pages including 120 plates of black and white photos – thick cardboard cover (the photo of the copy is that…
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The playgrounds

Book out of print, not available