Georges Hébert Life

Hébert Method


The biography of Georges Hébert (1875-1957) could be a real novel: how the eruption of a volcano would reveal a vocation. Newton did not invent gravity by seeing an apple fall. Gravity pre-existed, he only revealed it and wrote the law that governs it. Similarly, Georges Hébert did not “invent” or create a method of education ex nihilo. Through observation, reflection, experience and study, following the path traced by great educators like Amoros (1770-1848), drawing inspiration from the work of contemporaries like Georges Demenÿ or Pierre de Coubertin who would become support for his action, he has built an authentically original body of work. Thus was born what Georges Hébert called the “Natural Method”. “Method”… because resulting from reflections and observations. “Natural”… because it respects the laws of nature. (We use the term “Natural Training” today) His whole life has been devoted to it, discover it in the following pages… Georges Hebert

The vocation

1893 – 1903

1903 – 1907

The birth of the Natural Method

Towards recognition

1909 – 1912


The gratitude

The training of men in combat

1914 – 1918

1919 – 1936

The training of women and youth

Hébertism without Hébert


1936 – 1957

The written work

The work



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