Hébert Method


Three basic principles


Physical culture


Culture of action


Ethical culture

through the use of natural gestures to acquire integral physical development
by working on real obstacles (courage, will, resistance, composure, etc.) through teamwork and open to others (helping, collective work, altruism, etc.)

10 families of exercises

walking the race The quadruped climb it
The jump

The balance

get up
To throw it Defense Swimming

15 principles of execution

The principles are presented here in three categories according to the person most directly concerned, in order to facilitate memorization. In reality, the instructor remains the main player in respecting all the principles, assisted by the “wave leaders”.

The practitioner

The Wave Leader

The monitor
  • Freedom of action
  • Execution flexibility
  • Speed ​​and address
  • Take advantage of air, water and light
  • Let the joy flowr
  • Correct posture and ample breathing
  • Individualization
  • Cultivation of the qualities of action
  • Cultivate emulation and self-emulation
  • Culture of altruism by example and incitement to mutual aid.
  • Warming up and cooling down
  • Continuity of work
  • Alternation of contrary efforts
  • Gradation of the intensity of the efforts
  • Correcting everyone’s weak points

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