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Hébert Method

The Natural Method, crossing fashions, remains alive where the training of “men” and usefulness are sought as a priority.
The Army, the Navy, the Paris Fire Brigade, and in general the elite corps (GIGN, etc.) use the Natural Method.
The obstacle course, created by Georges Hébert during the 1st World War, is used by almost all armies in the world.
The “Hébert course” is part of the luggage of many scout movements in France and abroad.
“Obstacle courses” often referred to as “sports” or “health” courses in France, installed in the forest or in parks, just like most “boot camp” or “obstacle courses” were inspired by the Method natural by taking up one of the means (the obstacle course). But unfortunately often in an incomplete way and especially by forgetting the principles of the Method (3/10/15). And often failing to refer to Hébert!

In Canada, for example, “obstacle courses” are called “hebertism trails”. Most often in the forest, they can be found in the heart of the city, as for example in Montreal, on the esplanade of the Olympic Park.
Many new movements have partly taken up elements of the Natural Method as the basis of their practice (Parkour, Freerunning, Mov’nat, Spartan race, Paléofitness, animal flow, etc.)
Hébert centers exist in France and abroad (notably in Belgium where there is a federation of hebertism (Sport’nat Belgique).


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