The written work

Hébert Method

1936 – 1957: The written work

Georges Hébert published his first works in 1907.
However, in the light of more than 30 years of experience, on tens of thousands of people, men and women, of all ages, and from all walks of life, he recombined them in 1936 in a single volume entitled simply:


The Natural Method – Volume 1 Georges Hébert 7th edition -1974

He sets out the doctrinal principles of what the Natural Method is and the means of applying it.

This work cancels and replaces the previous works written during the beginnings and the emergence of the method. work of Georges Hébert and what the Natural Method or Hébertisme is (it is this edition that is available (see pages “Books”)).


GEORGES HEBERT 1925In 1925, he published “Sport against physical education”, which earned him the enmity of all the sports press that this pamphlet irritated; Indeed, he denounces there the physical, moral and social misdeeds of sporting excesses, which no one yet wants to recognize, but of which we perceive very clearly today the damage they cause. (violence, doping, financial drift, etc.).
Yet he only criticizes the use that is made of sport that is misunderstood or directed in the education of youth. It does not aim to oppose sport to physical education and considers, on the contrary, that the enterprising, sporting spirit has its place in education as a powerful means of emulation.
But he believes that, like any powerful element, sport must be handled with caution and contained to avoid any conceited and selfish overflow.This book marks his break with Pierre de Coubertin who had inspired and supported Hébert in his early days.


In “THE CODE OF FORCE”, the first edition of which dates from 1911, he defines what “true strength” is and in particular physical strength.
It establishes performance tables in order to be able to measure and compare it. (see “control of results”)


From 1922 to 1955, he also directed the journal “L’Éducation physique“, in which many authors from all walks of life participated (teachers, school principals, doctors, officers, journalists, researchers, personalities from literature and arts, etc.), and which develops its thought and action both in France and throughout the world.
The motto of the magazine: “Physical education is a school work. It is up to the teachers to carry it out” clearly indicates the position of Georges Hébert who will never stop denouncing the inability of the public authorities to work effectively in the field of physical education. physical education. Copy of the physical education magazine – 0ctober 1923


During the Second World War and the closure of his schools, Hébert, then aged 65, endeavored to continue his written work by describing all the gestures specific to man in the 10 families of exercises.

It is a monumental work, to which he will devote himself until his death, for another 15 years of patient and meticulous work.
He thus published between 1941 and 1950: Walking, running, jumping, quadrupeds, climbing, balancing, lifting and throwing.
It is a veritable encyclopedia of the study of natural movements, full of explanatory drawings, which has no equal to this day.


NATURAL METHOD Volume 3 – Climbing –
Some excerpts from the technical boardsentrainement nature sport grimper dessinentrainement nature sport grimper dessin


In 1953, Georges Hébert had a stroke of paralysis, with loss of speech. With energy, he overcame the ordeal, learned to speak again and got back to work to write his book on “DEFENSE”, published in 1955.

This same year 1955, takes place, in the Arènes de Lutèce in Paris, a ceremony celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of the Natural Method.

Arènes de Lutèce Paris Méthode naturelle Georges Hébert cinquantenaire

Ceremony of the fiftieth anniversary of the Natural Method Arènes de Lutèce – Paris 1955

Tribute medal – fiftieth anniversary of the Natural Method Sculptor: Paul Belmondo

Georges Hébert, very weakened, did not attend the tribute paid to him.
A government delegation visited his home and awarded him the rank of “Commander of the Legion of Honor”.

He begins writing the last book of the last of the 10 families: “NATATION” which was to complete his work.


However, a new attack, fatal this time, reaches him. Georges Hébert died in August 1957, at the Palestra in Deauville. He was 82 years old.
His son Régis will complete this work on swimming and publish it in a posthumous edition in 1959.

Yvonne Hébert, his wife who worked a lot alongside her husband, died in 1975.

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